What Are the Best Keyloggers for Windows

Keylogger – is a small program whose main purpose is hidden monitoring of the keystrokes on the keyboard and logging of these keystrokes. However, it is not the most accurate way to describe them since there are various types of keyloggers which are software, hardware, and acoustic keyloggers. In this article, we will talk about different types of keyloggers, the pros, and cons of each such device, and make recommendations in the choice of a keylogger.

Hardware Keyloggers

Hardware keyloggers are much less common than their software counterparts, but in order to protect sensitive data, you should never forget about them. Hardware keyloggers are external – they look like ordinary computer equipment, and internal, which are installed directly into the keyboard itself.

The keylogger can work for an unlimited amount of time since no additional power source is needed for its operation. Such a hardware keylogger can save up to 20 million keystrokes.


  • No possibility to install remotely;
  • Memory limit;
  • To obtain a report, physical access to the computer is required (if the model is without a Wi-Fi module);
  • It can be used only in cases where the victim does not understand computer equipment.


  • Invisible for antiviruses and antispyware;
  • Low price compared to acoustic keyloggers (but software keyloggers are cheaper);
  • Report transfer via built-in Wi-Fi (not on all models).

Software Keyloggers

Software keyloggers are the most common keyloggers on the market. Interception of keystrokes on the keyboard can be used by ordinary applications and is often used to invoke application functions from another program using hotkeys or, for example, to switch the wrong keyboard layout (as implemented in Punto Switcher and Keyboard Ninja).

There is a large amount of legal software that is used by administrators to monitor employees during the day or to monitor the activity of unauthorized people on their work or home computer. But where is the line between the “legitimate” use of “legal” software and its use for criminal purposes? The same “legal” software is often used to intentionally steal confidential information — for example, logins and passwords.

As you can see keyloggers can be used for various purposes which do not necessarily involve spying on someone. As we’ve mentioned before, the list of such programs is huge, however, we’ve managed to indicate the most popular ones which can satisfy the basic user’s needs:

  • Spytech; 
  • SpyAgent Standard Edition;  
  • Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO;         
  • Refog Personal Monitor;       
  • All In One Keylogger;           
  • Elite Keylogger;         
  • StaffCop Standard;    
  • Spytector;       
  • NetBull Keylogger.

Unfortunately, none of such programs are provided free of charge due to their specificity. However, all of the mentioned above have multiple language support and provide their user with a possibility to keep their private information safe, or vice versa. Keyloggers can be helpful for a number of reasons but having a good password on your private information can be much more secure than installing one of such programs.

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